I sell vintage jewelry  and jewelry  made with vintage beads. The customers that attend these events are excited and supportive of the local design community, and have proven to me that they come to these shows to shop! Each show that I have participated in has been well promoted, and I feel the promoter, Lina Shatara, genuinely cares about participants having a fabulous time and being part of a growing designer community. I am excited about what is to come with D.A.I. because of my positive experiences, contacts with press, supportive shoppers, organizations that it benefits, and of course all the amazing designers!

Eden Stein

Secession Art and Design/ Twelve Designs

Overall, a really great/fun vendor experience. Keep up the good work!

Cheryl Binney

Here/Now Metals

I love the ambiance of the show. All the people involved are friendly, helpful and fun and visitors can eat, drink and get their nails done. There are great things to buy in a party atmosphere. I do well at this show and people from it are still buying from me after the show. I had a great day!

Monique Fletcher

Gypsies and Lords

I had a great time on Sunday, thank you again for including me. I will definitely participate in the next event. I got a lot of good feedback from my booth and did well with sales. Looking forward to the next one.

Elizabeth Dayneko

Peachy B

I really loved being a part of your event yesterday. You and your sister, Marie, were so warm and friendly – breakfast for vendors? How thoughtful!  Plus, you made the logistics so easy – hooray for loading zones!

The vendors were top notch, selling handcrafted items that were truly lovely and unique. Many of us vendors bought items from one another and I saw several vendors swapping items with each other – which is one sign of a great selection of items at a show! My six year old daughter loved meeting each of the vendors and asking them questions about their work and their techniques. Plus, the DJ was amazing. The other vendors and I were dancing and singing along with his awesome mix! I can’t remember the last time I had such a good time vending at a show. Thanks again for a wonderful day!

Susan Leff

Made In The Haight

Thank you for putting on such a nice event!  Aside from enjoying myself and the cool atmosphere- my sales exceeded my expectations, so I will definitely be back for another event soon.  I appreciated having such a good spot in the middle by the bar, and also the assistance from your staff at the end since we had to pack up quickly.  You did a great job pulling in a good crowd, and it
seemed that everyone who bought jewelry from me really loved what they bought–almost fanatically–so I guess I was a good fit! Thanks again, and I look forward to participating in another event soon!

Ashley Rogers

Green Halo Designs

Smooth set-up, welcoming staff, great handpicked vendors and steady foot traffic. This show is helping me build a customer base. Made some fabulous sales and connections, would love to participate in the future!

Lauren Ramirez

Lauren Ramirez Fine Jewelry

Thanks for having me as a part of your event. You are charming, and do a great job coordinating. 

Paula Malesardi


I had a lot of fun!  I felt it was well organized and people who had sold there before had nice things to say!  The coffee and pastries were thoughtful and it was nice that you came by and introduced yourself and welcomed me!

Julie Mitrovich

Julie Christine Arts

Your shows are great. I’ve done every one so far. It’s always fun, good people and definitely a good crowd who buys. I always seem to do very well. Keep up the good work.

Zulfie Hai


Thank you for inviting me to participate in your event!  I would participate again before another major holiday. Thanks again for all of your hard work and good luck with D.A.I.! Please keep me posted on any other event you are producing. You are a pleasure to work with and would like to collaborate on something creative again.

Rachel Anne Palacios

Devika’s Palacio

Lina, thanks so much for organizing the event! We all had a great time!

Kristin Lamb

The Sew Crafty Collection

Thanks for including us at the last minute!  We had a great time at the event.  It was a terrific turn out and a ton of people took our business cards.  We thought the venue was great, and the load in/load out was relatively easy.  Many thanks for the snacks/beverages before the event started!

Rebecca Ciccio

Rebecca Ciccio

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