The Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Business This Holiday

The Worst Thing You Can Do For Your Business This Holiday

As designers, artists, and entrepreneurs we know the importance of making a big impact during the holiday season. According to Inc Magazine, most retailers make about 20% of their annual revenue in the weeks leading up to the holidays. So what’s the worst thing you can do for your business this holiday? The answer is nothing. Preparation is key in the few months and weeks leading up to the holiday season. To help prepare we’ve provided a few tips to get you geared up for the holidays.

1) Create a marketing calendar, mapping out all of your sales, trunk shows, and new products. Create newsletters, and social media posts revolved around these timelines.

2) Sign up for trunk shows, festivals and other fun shopping events! Get out there and meet your clients. People are looking for holiday gifts, so don’t deny them your amazing talent by missing out on a fabulous trunk show opportunity.

3) Reach out to your loyal customers and let them know what new offers you have in store and which trunk shows you will be participating in for the holiday season.

We hope these tips are useful. Stay tuned for more tips in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in applying for THE INDEPENDENT DESIGNER MARKET,applications close in one week on October 26th. Click here to apply